Hoot and AiM (Artists in Mind) have established a new social enterprise, Hoot Creativity Works. From April 2015, Creativity Works will deliver a range of innovative artistic programmes for people with mental health needs in Kirklees.

Creativity Works will take forward AiM’s pioneering Creative Sanctuaries programme, providing supported visual art studios. The new organisation will deliver significant additional benefits to participants, also expanding the range of art forms supported, and with Digital Workspaces for those interested in exploring these new media.

We think combining the best elements of both agencies is a positive way forwards in challenging times for the voluntary and community sector. As part of Hoot, Creativity Works benefits from the creative potential of a wider range of art forms, and by belonging to a larger, Arts Council Portfolio organisation. Being more integrated and cost-effective places the delivery of creative arts packages to those eligible for Direct Payments on a sustainable basis; offering security of service to those who are often fragile and vulnerable.

There is no interruption to other aspects of our combined creative programme for people with mental health needs—such as Out of the Blue—which will continue to be run through Hoot.
All enquiries about Out of the Blue should be directed to Hoot on 01484 516224.

For information about Creativity Works, contact Richard Turner on 01484 434 909.